Matilde Carmim & Daniel Maiagaia
Fox Patusco, Partner and Friend :)

                 In the many trips that friends, family and I have made around various cities of the world, we've always liked to know what doesn't appear in the postcards, in the guides - the various places in the actual city - lived by the locals. We always believed that by knowing a city only by the guides and postcards, we'd not be really getting to know it, but a mere package that it has to offer. As a native of Porto, and for the same reason, I always had the impression that for many, when the locals leave home, they go directly to Ribeira, or very close, to a similar place. And while these kind of clichés may have some touristic utility, they may also create an image that is not only not real, but also quite far from reality, and castrate, to some extent, the true scale of the potential of the place in question - which, I believe, is the case of Porto - a vast and extremely diverse metropolis for those who are in it and live it for months, years, decades, or more than a century.

                 It was this vast and diverse metropolis that I wanted to register in its entirety through the years, and which I now invite you not only to know, but to show to as many people as possible throughout the Earth. It would be great for the vast majority of cities in the world if there was a global consciousness that clichés do not reflect reality! The main purpose of this project is to make Porto a global example of that.

                On a more personal note, I would like to mention that after so many years of not knowing whether I would actually be able to carry out this project, it's curious that the year in which it was completed coincided with the year of birth of my daughter Matilde. I like to believe in synchronicities, so it is to her and to her mother that I dedicate the result of this long journey. It is, however, Fox Patusco, the most noteworthy one. Always present, always a partner, always a friend, he has accompanied the totality of what has been built here, and for that reason is the basis of the whole thing. Thanks, Fox :)

                 Welcome to this European Supercity! My name is Daniel Maiagaia, and I will be your host :)